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In my works I investigate action and reaction, both chemical and physical and examine how they relate to our cultural ethos and the laws of nature. My intention is to consider human culture in its widest sense encompassing science, morals, customs and the History of Art.

My work focuses on symbols of our culture that distinguish some aspects of our identity. Through various manipulations their context is changed while observing and documenting the subsequent clash between the laws of nature,  Technology, aesthetic discourse, and Man’s place in the environment. My works deal with the passage of time, transforming it into an almost physical presence. By way of pointless, pseudo-scientific experiments, different materials are exposed to extreme conditions while documenting their progression of death and decay (Vanitas). Developments which usually take years are measured in mere minutes. 

Using simple technology I intervene in nature’s process and document the response to this intervention. In an attempt to re-establish the historical connection between Science and Art, I imitate natural forces while demonstrating their effects on the landscape and on our cultural icons. Through different scientific and chemical interventions the cultural context of these icons can be re-evaluated and ultimately, a new and unique image will emerge.

In addition, I investigate various chemical reaction and photographic techniques which have developed over the years, in order to further understand the history of this media and establish additional connections between Science and Art.

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